Silvia Galeazzi

Rebound | Mum and Baby | Barre

A little bit about me: 

As well as being a fitness instructor, I am a local mum, a journalist and a fitness lover. 

I teach Rebounding and Barre, one of my favourite workouts: I love the way you feel after all that holding!

I also teach mum&baby fitness classes and Carifit. I am always happy when babies are around, you miss those days when your children grow up. 


My Passion:

My passion for fitness started with my maternity leave. I couldn't stay too far from my little one and I was ready to start something new. So instead of going back to my normal job, bad food, tons of emails, I have decided to change my life and embrace the fitness business. 

I like helping people, it's in my DNA. I love being surrounded by resilient humans who push their limits and try harder. I love Fitness because it can  be inspirational, especially when you feel that energy in a class, when bodies move in sync and minds are focused in what they are doing.


I am motivated by: 

I am motivated by the need of giving the best example to my son, trying to be myself regardless of any expectations. I wake up almost  every morning with love and gratitude, and almost every morning I want to share good feelings with my people. 


Something you don't know about me:

I can cook a very good pizza, I have seen Love Actually hundreds of times and I have an insane passion for Karaoke nights.


11 Heathman's Rd,

Fulham, London



The brick and mortar studio is

temporarily closed.

All our classes are now online.