Flow & Sound

a New Year Workshop

Sat 8th Feb 2020 2 - 4 pm

With Monica Ruiz (Founder of Ingenium in Movement)

Immerse yourself into the soothing and nourishing power of sound and ritual, to start
this New Year and decade in your flow – feeling focused, connected and purposeful.
A blissful and transformative 2h retreat to reconnect with your inner strength and
focus. A journey to deeper love and care, where you will be able to de-stress,
regenerate and rejuvenate as well as tune into your loving, resourceful and creative

The healing power of these 13 Ancient Tibetan Bowls will bring your body back into
balance, by synchronising our brainwaves with the bowls’ resonance. The bowls’
unique tones create the perfect state for deep meditation, creative thinking and
intuitive messages, waking up our ability to hear with more than our ears, feeling
their sound, sensation and vibration in our body, mind and spirit.

The session will cover the following aspects:
- Ritual: Intention setting, Body awareness practice, Guided Meditation, Pranayama
- Chakra Balancing with Energy Healing
- Sound therapy with 13 Ancient Tibetan Bowls, essential oils, crystals and other
sound healing tools (Shamanic rattle, Koshi Chimes, Tibetan Cymbals )
- Yin Meditation
Special considerations:

- Please bring with you:
• Extra layers as during the session you might experience changes in body
• Plenty of water to hydrate yourself before and after the session
- We recommend for you to allow your body to rest and incorporate the learning and
healings happened during the session
Monica is a certified yoga & mindfulness teacher, transformational coach, sound
therapist and energy healer. Join her yoga & meditation classes, international retreats
& workshops.
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The club is temporarily closed until further notice.

All our classes are now online.

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