Rebounding | Total Body

A little bit about me:

I'm a professional Dancer/performer with experience teaching all ages/levels in a variety of dance & fitness environments. I have trained at one of the most prestigious Dance/Theatre schools for 3 years, leaving home for the capital at only 16 years old. After gruelling auditions, I have performed professionally at the London Palladium (West End), Royal Albert Hall, understudied Principal roles, been Dance Captain for productions & currently auditioning to continue to chase the dream! I encourage everyone to never give up, obstacles only make you stronger.

My passion:

I have a huge passion for all things Musical Theatre, Dance & Fitness. Having a healthy lifestyle mentally & physically can do wonders for all aspects of your life. I love trying out new workouts that take me out of my comfort zone eg...attending fitness workshops including Boxing & CrossFit. I also have a massive love for eating... (specifically Peanut Butter), all things sport and travelling around the world- perspective is everything!

I am motivated by:

Seeing people progress through baby steps! Slow and steady wins the race and always stay persistent- You can achieve anything you want! I live by the term 'live today like its your last' because it encourages you to do things TODAY not tomorrow. No excuses to work hard AND explore what makes yous happy- learn to love YOUR journey.

Something you don't know about me:

I'm my own worst enemy at times!...being a perfectionist isn't always a good thing! Also, I used to have 4 pet chickens...LOL!


11 Heathman's Rd,

Fulham, London



The brick and mortar studio is

temporarily closed.

All our classes are now online.