Grab two bottles to Sculpt and Tone: This is Dumbbell Mania.

Updated: May 7

We all want bodies like our fitness instructors, right? So, how do they get them and what can we do to sculpt and tone our body?

There are loads of different ways to work your body. One very popular way in group exercise, is to use low weight for high repetitions. For example, Dumbbell Mania. (Yep, the class is as exciting as it sounds. Monday evenings. 6pm!)

So how will this class help us?

Dummbell Mania is structured with this low weight, high reps style. Low resistance & high repetition programs are widely associated with muscular endurance benefits. We all have cans of beans...bottles of wine...pets (not recommended) that we can use to add extra resistance to our exercises. And it’s this extra resistance which challenges the body to work harder & become ‘stronger.’ Muscles need to be worked over time & under tension to be able to grow and become more ‘toned’, which everybody wants right? From Squats, Bicep curls to shoulder press & core work...Dumbbell Mania targets the large & smaller muscle groups in this way using only your bottles of wine...The heavier the better. (Sorry ladies, you are better off drinking the bottle after the session.) Your fitness level, training experience, and other lifestyle factors will affect, to what extend a ‘low’ weight means. For now, in a time of lockdown, do your best. We know it’s tough, but we’ve got you and a brilliant (if we do say so ourselves) playlist.

See you Monday 6pm to feel the those muscles burrnnn.

You’ll thank us afterwards.

Holly Prentice 

Professional Dancer, Actress & Fitness instructor





11 Heathman's Rd,

Fulham, London



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