#KeepStrong but how? Get your slices of HIIT, Total Body Workout and Cardio Conditioning.

Yes, we are strong and determined women and we know that we need to stay strong but is it always possible? Of course, not. Have you met Life? Well, ladies, we got to work harder to strengthen our temple of glory and mainly our minds, especially during these uncertain times. If you didn't try them yet, have a go at High-Intensity Interval Training, (yes you can do it). The reason HIIT is so effective is that it produces excess post-oxygen consumption, or EPOC (yes, another industry acronym!) EPOC raises your resting metabolic rate for twenty-four hours or more after your training session... BONUS! It's short and sweaty BUT the variety of the intervals make it all bearable. Great way to burn those calories but more importantly, feel a new level of happiness through the rush of endorphins. Sweat comes out (100 points for detoxing), your muscles feel alive and your brain it's focused on your new Summer dress. It's your time to burn those troubles away, baby! Try VIRTUAL Cardio Blast, Body conditioning and Dumbbell Mania with us for a great total body workout with our super Holly. We dare you to challenge yourself this week. That's why we offer you unlimited classes. #KeepStrong and #trysomethingnew it's time for that fresh start ;)


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The brick and mortar studio is

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All our classes are now online.