Feeling down? Exercise your way to happiness.

Exercise helps to keep a healthy body and a happy mind. We believe that when life is tough, we need to get tougher so yes, let's talk about boosting those feel-good hormones! Serotonin is your chemical messenger and if you are low on it, your sleep, your appetite, your mood , your memory and your learning capacities can get affected, and not in a good way. These are pretty much our basic needs, or so says mr Maslow in his Hierarchy of Needs. Here are some essential natural ways to boost that happiness!

FOOD: Dark green leafy vegetables, spinach, lentils, pineapple (extra points for the tropical vibe), salmon, turkey, tofu (v), nuts and seeds (v) will boost your mood.

SUNLIGHT: Daily morning exposure, even 30 minutes will do the trick. Do remember to wear your sunscreen, the sun it's our friend but with the right precautions.

MEDITATION: As you are there absorbing all that sun goodness, you might want to take deep breaths and clear your mind. Keep breathing. Be grateful for all you have. We will write a whole new blog about meditation and if you haven't tried it yet, definitely tune in on Tuesday at 7.30 with Zahra's guided sound healing meditation.

EXERCISE. Now that's our favourite Slice! Exercise can restore the balance of chemicals in your brain, you have probably heard about dopamine and serotonin. What we are trying to say is that exercising not only makes you look strong and healthy (so gorgeous!) but it also makes you feel good, rest well and eat well and that's a good path to the way of happiness. Check our weekly online fitness timetable. Maybe you feel like dancing, stretching, sweating or bouncing, we got you. Keep going, release endorphins (yeap, another feel-good chemical) and commit to your dose of happiness because you deserve it. If you wish to speak to us, please get in touch #weareinthistogether

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